/u/ShadowBannedBot is a bot created by /u/dybt and run by /u/NorthAntrim for the subreddit /r/ShadowBanned.

If there's a problem with the bot, please PM /u/NorthAntrim. Do not PM the bot.

Technical details

The bot will fetch the latest posts from /r/ShadowBanned every minute and if a self post is found without any comments, it will post a comment. If you want the bot to reply to your post, do not comment on it.

No additional checks are done on the user's profile. The bot simply sees posts as any other user on reddit would, and replies to them. If the bot doesn't reply to your post, either it's not working or you are shadow banned. Wait a while and see if anyone other than the bot comments on your post. If nothing happens, you're likely shadow banned — refer to /r/ShadowBanned's sidebar for help.