/u/ShadowBannedBot is a bot created (read: patched together) by /u/NorthAntrim and saved by /u/deebee396 for the subreddit /r/ShadowBanned.

If there's a problem with the bot (eg: it's trying to take over reddit) please PM /u/NorthAntrim since he rarely reads PMs sent to /u/ShadowBannedBot.

Technical details

The bot will fetch the latest 5 posts from /r/ShadowBanned every 15 minutes. If there are any posts found without comments, it will post a comment on that post. This means that if you're wanting your post to be commented on by /u/ShadowBannedBot you must not comment on it yourself.

If there are multiple posts for it to comment on, it'll comment on one, wait 8 minutes and then comment on the next. This is because reddit limits how frequently accounts will less than a set amount of karma can comment ("you are doing too much"). Should the waiting run over 15 minutes (which it inevitably will) it will wait until all the queued comments have been posted before continuing.